When I was asked by Amazon to write an original Christmas song for their Acoustic Christmas I was intrigued by the challenge. I’d always wanted to write a Christmas song and this was my push to do it. I enlisted producer extraodinaire Matt-Ross-Spang along with Ken Coomer (drums), Dave Smith (Bass) and Mike Webb (piano). It was recorded at Creative Workshop in Nashville, TN and it is said that the piano Mike played on was Ray Charles’s favorite, and is also the piano from The Johnny Cash Show.

Christmas songs hold so much nostalgia for so many of us; a reminder of happy times, memories of being a child, the excitement of what’s to come and joining together in joy and celebration. Yet at certain stages of life, Christmas can also bring up tender memories and I believe it is important to acknowledge that side of the holidays as well. “Christmas Again” came out of such circumstances, those of loss, longing and sorrow. Wherever you are this Christmas and whatever you are feeling, I hope this song brings you some comfort. Listen to a sample below or login to Amazon Music if you’re a member and stream in its entirety. Or you can download here.